Our experience includes a wide variety of project types for many different clients. As designers we are problem solvers. We approach each project as a new challenge. Our strengths are our people and the creativity they bring to each project. Our firm creates a stimulating environment that provides opportunities for diverse experiences and personal growth. The firm has a team-based approach to client, site, context, and community, which is both personal and professional at every stage of design.


Increasing cost in the construction industry, and the limitation of resources in the private sector require that architects face the challenge of providing design and consulting services that match the needs and budgets of clients without sacrificing quality. Our firm emphasizes design that is both simple and practical and that promotes the use of durable materials and fast installation systems. Luis Gutierrez Architects maintains a commitment to excellence and service hand in hand with the latest technologies.


Our mission is to plan and conceive buildings that promote productivity, Good design as the physical expression of sound ideas, imagination, and creativity. We also strive to create environments that respond to the functional purpose of our clients. We seek to serve, to contribute to the built environment and quality of life, and to build long term relationships with our clients, based on commitment and trust.