Clients / Tourism Company

Historic Assessment

Luis Gutierrez Architects was contacted by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to conduct a building assessment of the Mona Island Lighthouse. The firm, in association with New York based conservation specialist Building Conservation Associates Inc., prepared a document with an evaluation of the lighthouse and keeper’s dwelling historic structures.

The LGA and BCA team performed a site visit and documented, measured and took material samples on site. A set of as-built drawings were also developed, showing the existing conditions of both the lighthouse and keeper’s dwelling.

The objective of the study was to provide a cursory overview of the two structures, their construction materials and its conditions. The final report included a summary of recommendations in order to further evaluate the preservation of both Mona Lighthouse buildings.

  1. Mona’s east side aerial view
  2. Lighthouse and Keeper’s Dwelling
  3. Partial elevation & Existing condition of the lighthouse