Clients / COSVI


After 25 years in business, COSVI decided that the consolidation of the operations and business expansion required new image and facilities.
The two year process required the coordination of the building’s
architectural firm as well as the general contractor. LAG was responsible
for the design, coordination and contract supervision of construction. From space planning to interior design and furniture selection, our firm established the criteria that worked as a base for the corporate image of COSVI. A first phase of approximately 60,000 sq. ft. included the design and development of administrative, sales and executive areas. The second phase will relocate existing support, client service, cafeteria and human resources to the new structure. The neutral color tones palette and the materials used, will provide COSVI with a solid base for future remodeling and Improvements.

  1. Conference Room
  2. Cubicles Furniture
  3. Office Interiors